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Where I'm From

I am from piggyback rides
And the fluffy stuffed animals that covered my bedroom floor.
I am from the messy sandcastles and slippery slides at Mason Park, Where I jumped from rock to rock.
I'm from that distasteful lake odor,
Where I tossed small pieces of bread into the water for the birds to eat.
I'm from the young, soft tabby cat
That once sat in my warm lap.

I am from the artistic hands,
That were passed down to me from my Great Grandpa Frank.
I'm from the completed books that I tossed in my opposite direction.
I am from the woody, aging trees
Whose branches I used to hang on.

I'm from the screaming,
The horrifying threats that awaited me at home
From my intimidating mother.
I am from the green Toyota,
That was sold for money to pay the bills.
I'm from covering my ears,
From closing my eyes,
Wishing this was all a dream.

I am from those moments
All the cherished memories fading away
Blown away in the fall wind.
A poem I did in school a long time ago.
If you own the picture, thank you for letting me use it. If you don't like that I'm using it, please tell me and I will take it down.
siwan111 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012
i feel ya bro
but remember you can be a guardian in a next live ;)
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